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Going into this project,  I started off trying to imagine what I wanted and sketched most of my ideas out, but It wasn’t until I watched a video that mentioned how humans are attracted to finding the faces in things that I realized I wanted there to be a focal on faces. I really liked the way previous student samples incorporated animals so I looked at various animals and kept coming back to these striking images of wolves. I tried connecting the wolf with my idea of using faces, and thought of the boy who cried wolf. I tried searching for different related works and I found a film cover that used negative space by drawing a boy’s face out of the wolf’s tail. I started off sketching a wolf using shapes to create striking fur that created negative space to portray an animal. Going back to the face and boy idea, I shaped a boy’s face and then used it to fill out more negative space and then started using the shape in various places to showcase the idea of continuation.

Also while working on the project, I stumbled upon this image of what looked like an ink blot. The image reminded me of all those scenes in the movies where they would use ink blots and ask the patient what they saw.

I started curving my shapes to resemble an ink blot, I also would walk back and look into my project from a far to try and incorporate the characteristics of an ink blot.

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