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Surrealism: A Wish, Dream, Fear & Nightmare

The objective was to recognize and embrace my own unique individual creative process through the application of all elements and principles of design learned in class. Making sure to address conceptual messaging and personal aesthetic to understand the concept of Surrealism.

The final work is an Exquisite Corpse composition based on my choice of the theme between: a wish, a dream, a fear and a nightmare. I chose a dream as my general idea but also made sure to include all of the themes focusing on how dreams can turn into a nightmare through fear with an underlying wish, sparking that process.

“The student will master the pen tool in Illustrator and demonstrate understanding of composition building with respect to the elements and principles of design, with a particular focus on value.”

  • Elements of the Collage – Magazine Scans

  • Collage – Made from cut-outs of the Magazine Scans


  • Final Product


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